Saturday, December 10, 2011

Class Gift - Candy Cane Mice

I am having so much fun making little crafts for my children's classmates. Hooray for Christmas!

My kids like to look through my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines (I miss that magazine. It was awesome) and they some cute little felt mice and asked if we could make some. Of course we can! Here are the online instructions if you want to make some yourself. I altered mine a bit. I used pinking shears since I thought it would be cute, and used googly eyes and a pompom nose instead of little felt dots. Up to you for your own. another little add-on I did was to tie a matching ribbon around the tails, which was such an adorable final touch. It also served to attach the gift tags.

We bought some different flavoured candy canes at Walmart, (my kids don't really like the traditional mint kind) and then bought felt that matched them.

These treats are gingerbread flavoured. I found squares of felt in two tones of brown, and a dark red, and used those to make my critters. The dark brown mice are my favourites. SO cute.

These candy canes are watermelon, and cherry candy flavours. For watermelon I used green and pink felt, and the cherry are in white and pink. My boy has decided that these ones must be for the girls in his class.

Anyway, they were a snap to make, and didn't take any sewing. Just a little white glue. I did the cutting and assembling, and my son was the official gluer for the eyes and noses.

Gotta love a craft where you can crank out enough for all the kids in the class in a couple of hours.

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